From an early age, Mr D’Arcy had a passion for music.  He was educated, via his Mother and Father, in the delights of Rock & Roll from the 50’s and Swinging Pop from the 60’s. He was brought up with the camp tunes of the 70’s and later lapped up the party sounds of the 80’s.   He would listen to his Mother’s native Maltese music, Greek, Spanish, French and Italian too, alongside his Father’s love of an Irish ditty.  A true European even before it became fashionable!

Then, he came across his Mother’s “Eurovision Greatest Hits” album, circa 1969, with such gems as Volare, Boom-Bang-A-Bang and Puppet on a String.  So, you can’t argue with us when you we say the man knows his stuff!


He adores music with a deep passion, as it makes him happy and let’s face it, especially recently, we all need a bit of happiness in our lives!

He started DJ back in the mid 90’s, first with 7” and 12” vinyl, cassette tape, CD and finally MP3.   The equipment and formats may have change but the music certainly hasn’t.


He’s worked at various venues in Bristol, as well as in Swindon, Cheltenham, Glastonbury, Aylesbury, Brighton, Manchester and London and now specialises to events such as Euphoria and UK Calling.  

As a DJ, he’s worked alongside the likes of Hazell Dean, Nicki French, Hannah Jones and Angie Brown. As well as most of the leading Drag Queens of the UK and a bunch of Strippers… enough said really.

Notable recent gigs include DJing at the London Eurovision Party, Boom-Bang-A-Bang in Manchester and at the Tantra4GayMen Festival in Glastonbury. 

His successful Eurovision event UK Calling has been welcomed in Brighton, Manchester and his home city of Bristol.


He also hosts a busy night at the Bristol Bear Bar every second Saturday of the month called Euphoria. 

In 2017 he had an epiphany and decided to celebrate his enjoyment of happy music and start his own business and on in April, Mr D’Arcy Entertains was born.   As you can see from this site, he now offers more for you to enjoy.  More music shows on MDE Radio and more live events with MDE Live.

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