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Jon Canem hails from Cheltenham.  He writes, performs and produces all his own music, covering genres such as House, EDM, Retro Pop, and Jazz.

​Aside from this, he has an incredible knowledge of music history, following the work of many legendary artists, such as the late, great George Michael, who was a great inspiration to him as he grew up.  His George Michael set is a joy to behold.

​Jon writes from the heart and his passion for music and the written word shines through his work.   His musical genres include EDM, House, Jazz and Retro Pop.  His voice is like velvet and his smile lights up a room when he performs.  He’s an all-round showman.

​He currently releasing music on German dance label DMN.  His current releases, Fake Love and One Love are climbing the European music charts. 

Jon has had a number of successful live gigs over the last year.   He was part of Euphoria Manchester, appeared in his own showcase, An Evening with Jon Canem, in his home-town of Cheltenham and found a whole new group of adoring fans at the Christmas edition of Euphoria Bristol at the Bristol Bear Bar.   He returns there to launch Euphoria 80's alongside Mr D'Arcy on 18th April.    Jon launches 'Flawless - A Tribute to George Michael' in May, with a live show in Cheltenham.  He's also appearing in a number of UK Prides this year and there is so much more to come!

​Jon has also written a song called Beautiful, an uplifting track that projects hope, love and internal happiness.  He​ donating ALL profits of this song to a Manchester-based charity called Moodswings, that helps those who suffer from mental health issues.  ​ This song is available to buy and stream via the link below.

Next month Jon will have his own new site, where you can book events, download and stream his music and buy JC merchandise.

Watch this space for more information.







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