EUPHORIA - Music To Make You Happy is a club night that oozes with joyful musical bliss!   Delving into all the musical genres featured above, we take you on a magical journey ride through a pulsating and heady mix of pure Euphoric energy!

From the latest Electric Dance Music, via Remixes of your favorite songs, stopping off at Euroland, before sending you off into the wonderful world of Retro pop, dance and party anthems, Euphoria is indeed the happiest event around.  

EUPHORIA has been running at the Bristol Bear Bar for a good few years and now it's about to launch to a beautiful new crowd of people at Bar Pop in Manchester.   

Click below to find out more about our events.  Also, in this section, you can listen to our monthly TOP 20, there's a link to our YOUTUBE PLAYLISTS and also our RADIO shows.  Plus, you can go directly to the EUPHORIA MANCHESTER TICKET SALES.

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