MDE RETRO 2020.jpg

MDE LIVE is the eventing arm of MR D'ARCY ENTERTAINS. 


We provide high quality, live events which are tailored to the needs of our growing clientele.  Each event is lovingly filled with passion, joy and boundless energy.  

As the title suggests, we focus heavily on music from back in the day, packing each event full of memorable upbeat party anthems.

Our events include EUPHORIA, an energised night of pure happiness, covering current EDM and ending in classic tunes from back in the day.

CLUB 80s is a spin-off from the above and concentrates strictly on the glorious days on the 1980s.  Live acts and music to celebrate this great decade!

MANCHESTER CALLING is a night of pure Eurovision!  Wall-to-wall hits from over 60 years of of European music, plus games, live entertainment and much more.

FLAWLESS - A Tribute to George Michael, is an event which celebrates the life and works of this amazing musical star.  Performed by the legendary JON CANEM.

We have so much more planned for you in 2021!  MDE Retro - Welcome Home!