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Mr D’Arcy is available for your Party or Event. He is a plug and play DJ, so he can just plug straight into a venue’s mixer and sound system. 

He has thousands and thousands of tracks and specialises in Retro, Party and Dance anthems as well as Europop/dance, NRG and Eurovision. 

This page contains information on Pricing, the variety of DJ Packages, Testimonials from satisfied customers and an Enquiry Form.

Book today and let Mr D'Arcy entertain you!

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Marcus Keppel-Palmer, Bristol

Mr D'Arcy is an awesome DJ who played a tremendous range of Eurovision and Europop music for my event. He kept the audience of Eurovision regulars dancing with his excellent selection of original and remix classics. I would recommend him for any Eurovision/Europop event.  

I had a big birthday recently, one with a '0' in it and wanted a really personalised party, so I spoke to Jason about the type of party music I liked and he put together an amazing tracklist for the evening. People were dancing non-stop to his great mix of Pop, Retro and Eurovision tracks.  My friends said they hadn't had such a fun night in ages as Mr D'Arcy played all those hits you thought were lost and forgotten!  Jason also made the long journey all the way from Bristol to Brighton and was a lovely chap. I will definitely be booking him again!

James Brett, Brighton

Jason, Director of Tantra4GayMen

Jason was just awesome. He came to our event, not having previously experienced our event, and made himself immediately at home. he very quickly picked up the vibe of the event, and our participants just loved him and loved his music. When the event had to come to end we could not get them off the dance floor. Participants danced, wept, cried, and the joy and happiness was created by Jason's playing of music, they so wanted more.... cannnot highly recommend Jason enough and we will have him back next time and install a headphone disco so we can go on into the early morning night

Nathan Matthews, Eurovision Party London

Mr D'Arcy has been the heart of Eurovision Party London for the past two years. His ability to sense the mood of the crowd and play the Europop they want to hear is a large part of the reason our event is growing in popularity year on year. He’s a joy to work with, and his expert knowledge of all things Eurovision related makes him a wonderful asset to any event. We hope to be celebrating Eurovision with him for many years to come!

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