Jon Canem


Jon Canem (pronounced Can-em) hails from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. Jon writes, performs, and produces all of his own music, covering such genres as EDM, House, Pop, Ballads, Soul and Jazz.

​Aside from this, he has an incredible knowledge of musical history. He follows the careers of many legendary artists, such as the late, great George Michael, who was and indeed still is a great inspiration to him. Flawless, his Tribute to George Michael, is a breath-taking and heartfelt homage to one of Britain's most successful singers of the 1980s and 1990s.

​Jon is a passionate songwriter, an amazing vocalist and a true all-round showman. His voice is velvet in texture and his lyrics are always on point. Then, there is his cheeky swagger and a warm, friendly smile, that lights up the room when he performs.

He has had great success with his music, thanks to German dance label DMN Records. Fake Love and One Love climbed the European music charts in 2019, doing well in Germany and Switzerland. He's also working closely with Moodswings, a Manchester-based charity for those who struggle with mental health. In November 2019, Jon release a stunning track called Beautiful, highlighting the struggles of mental illness, and offers a positive message of keeping strong and believing in yourself. He currently producing brand-new uplifting tracks for future release. You can now buy Jon's music direct from this site, as well as keeping up to date with his forthcoming releases, events and tour dates.

​Performance-wise, Jon has had several successful live gigs over the last couple of years, performing in London, Manchester, Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucester. He's also shown his support of the LGBT+ community and continues to perform Pride events across UK.

Despite the setbacks of 2020, Jon has been busy working hard producing new music and has been perfecting his new contemporary jazz style. Thankfully he's now able to perform again and is gaining new bookings and new fans to boot!

​2021 sees more new releases, more Flawless events and he'll be starring alongside his counterpart, friend and manager, Mr D’Arcy, a retro DJ and entrepreneur. Together they will be launching a new event called Euphoria Eighties, which will take them across the UK and Europe.