Manchester Calling began life as UK Calling.  The idea was to tour the event around the country.

Our first successful event was in Brighton back in May 2014, held at The Latest Music Bar, just off the main seafront and a stone’s throw from the Brighton Pavilion, the venue used by the BBC in 1974 to host the show that year.  The event; Wir Geben ‘Ne Party (We’re Having A Party) went down so well that MDE Radio and co-partner Eurovision Central decided to try the event again, this time under a new name, Brighton Calling.   We returned to Brighton the following year and enjoyed a second successful night and even had a guest appearance from Ray Caruana (lead singer of Live Report, who represented the UK and came 2nd in 1989).

The action moved to Manchester in February 2016 where we packed out the Tribeca Bar, with special guests Adam King and Ray Caruana.  On the back of that gig, Mr D'Arcy went on to perform at Boom, Bang A Bang in April, alongside Nicki French, again in Manchester and at a private club in Shaftsbury Avenue in London on Eurovision Night, which included an appearance from Jade Ewen.   He returned to DJ in London, the following year at Tiger, Tiger.


We dabbled with Bristol Calling in August 2016... moving on!

We returned to Manchester in June 2017, this time at Bar Pop in Canal Street, for another night of fun and frolics.  It was here we found our true home.  Bar Pop adores Eurovision so we knew we had found the right venue at last.


In February 2018, we held our third event, where we introduced the Eurovision Karaoke Song Contest.   Due to the success of this event, we added a second Summer version of the event in June 2018.   This year we repeated the same format in February and July. 

So we now focus on 2020, with a new look, a new logo and at least 42 new songs to play!   

Let's Knock One Out... or whatever the Motto is next year!