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Jon Canem is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter and music producer, who lives in Cheltenham. 


For his tender years, Jon harbours a deep passion for music and writes inspirational and uplifting music, using lyrics that truly matter to him.   Beautiful is a song that expresses his own feelings of despair and insecurities and what one can do to alleviate them.


Like many people, Jon suffers from those dark days that seem to hit us all at some point in our lives.   Mental ill health affects many people in a multitude of different ways.  From dark thoughts to suicide. 


Jon wrote this song from the heart, as he does with all his material.  It's a song about realising you are not alone; you are not ugly in any sense of the word… you're simply beautiful.   An uplifting track that aims to heal, create awareness and raise money for an amazing mental health charity.


All profits from this song are going straight to Moodswings, a Manchester based charity who provides support to people with mood disorders and give help for their friends and families. 


Their work centres around recovery and helping people live life in the best way they can, with or without the symptoms of emotional distress.  They help to build bridges, encourage them to start new friendships and much more besides.   One of their current projects is their new Thumbs Up's Café and Community Hub, offering a comforting and safe space for people to come to and discuss their issues.


Beautiful is available to download and stream on Saturday 30th November.   100% of the profits from this song go directly to Moodswings.